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14 / 1 / 2021


Have you ever thought about the meaning of the design we use for our swim caps and swim suits? It's a very cool visual, but it also hides a history of teamwork. If you want to know it, we encourage you to read it:

Almost 6 years ago, we gave Radikal Swim a big push to help everyone who wanted to enjoy swimming in the sea, improving themselves day by day and achieving their goals together with the best human team possible. We started Radikal Tech sessions (then we did 4 a week, now 15) and from time to time we swam on Saturdays in the sea (normally within the BISC column area, always in Barcelona). As a result of this, together with many of those who are still with us today, we grew as a community of people with strong values that represent us as RADIKALS.

We came up with the idea of showing other people our union and giving each other strength with the creation of a cap that would identify us. But not only this. We wanted it to represent us, to be our emblem and to carry with us the values and feelings of our team; helping us swim through our challenges in both the strongest and weakest moments.

We spoke with Luís Navarro, a Polynesian tattoo artist from here in Barcelona that we knew, to explain him the idea... And he loved it. We told him how we wanted it to be: That tit appeared the shape of a turtle and that at the position of the neck there was a mask that would help us avoid bad spirits or the negative energy behind us. We also convey what we are as a team and what we want this cap to symbolize with the following writing. Here you have it, with the same words he read:

Swim as in the origins: in the sea, rivers and lakes. Come into full contact with nature, freeing your mind and looking for new adventures. Swimming brings us closer to who we really are, to our roots. It reveals to us what we really have inside. We are a team. None of us is as strong as all of us together. Thanks to belonging to this team, each swimmer is able to give the best version of himself and overcome limits imposed by himself, by his environment, by society. We cross the line of what we would have to do to know where we want to go, work and achieve a goal with determination. Regardless of whatever happens, we are certain that we will achieve what we set out to do and we will work until we get it.

We vectorized it and adapted it to what the shape of the head could be so that it would look the best once the cap was on. And here comes the best part: each symbol has its meaning and is related to our reason for being.

A few days ago we went to see Luís, and we asked him to write a few words about what the drawing represented for him. He wrote this.

Sometimes we tell our swimmers that with this cap they will swim better... And maybe we are not wrong. Whenever we wear it, we know that this is not just a swimming cap. It carries our identity and all the force of Polynesian mythology with us.

Together. Further. Faster. Stronger.


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